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About the Site
ElectionsInfo.net is a collaborative political website with two main components. First, it provides a forum for discussing elections, whether current or historic - the issues, the candidates, and the mechanisms of the election. Second, it includes a database that contains the most complete election archive on the internet. Due to the locations of its contributors, the information on US elections is more complete, with all races for US President, US Senate, Governor, and US House entered. Much information on elections in other nations has been posted as well. ElectionsInfo is the online center for psephology - the study of elections and election returns.
The database upon which ElectionsInfo is based is the culmination of decades of research. The information is particularly indebted to scholars such as Phil Lampi, Michael Dubin, Paul Pasholk, and Seth Hinshaw, each of whom has conducted primary historic research in various state and local archives for years to collect election statistics. Portions of the research of these four individuals have been published.

History of the Site
In 2002, one of the political message boards closed. Randy Parker, a website designer in the Chicago area, created a new website named OurCampaigns.com that year. He envisioned a website where political junkies could post links and discuss politics. The number of users increased dramatically during the election of 2004.
The election archive was not part of Randy's original vision. It began to materialize when site members including Pasholk and Hinshaw began to post election returns and research they had compiled from both printed and manuscript sources. Over time, the most important races in US history were posted at OC, and users began to post the election history of other nations. A large proportion of the information posted at OC was not otherwise available on the internet.
After ten years managing the site, Parker announced at the end of 2012 that he was ready to relinquish it. A group of moderators was chosen to assume the site, and they managed it for two years. In the summer of 2014, a technical mistake by the ISP resulted in OC going temporarily offline. Parker, who had retained ownership of the domain name, brought OC back online with the database as of 2012; two years of work on the site database immediately vanished.
In the summer of 2014, ElectionsInfo appeared. The site was founded with the 2014 version of the OC database but with a clearly different appearance. A concern with this site from the beginning has been verification. One of the ongoing criticisms of OC was spotty citations of sources and the occasional use of incomplete returns. Over the course of the existence of ElectionsInfo, the database has been refined by verification of information and sources, along with a general review of essays to promote use of the best sources. This site is a work in progress, but we hope that you will like what you see. If you would like to participate in our work, send an e-mail to sethhinshaw at yahoo dot com for guidance on setting up a user account.


With the exception of some site maintenance areas, all information on the site is available without having a user account. Once an account has been created, that individual is able to post comments. When a particular user demonstrates a desire to contribute to the quality of the site information, that user's access may be gradually increased to allow for addition of election returns. More senior site members have additional access that spreads the responsibility for site maintenance over the moderators.

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