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About Me
I am an independent scholar living in the Philadelphia suburbs. I have conducted extensive research on election returns over the past three decades. In the late 1980s, I collected election statistics in NC for a series of books, although only the one listed below was published. From 1990 to 2002, I researched the returns of the presidential primaries, particularly the earliest primaries where the existing information is the most incomplete. I conducted research in eight state archives. Since 2008, I have been researching presidential debates. My chief contribution here has been enhancing information on the presidential primary debates, for which little research has been completed, and for which existing sources continue to publish conflicting information.
My Publications
1) North Carolina Election Returns 1790- 1866 (Stockport OH: 1991). While a graduate student at the University of North Carolina- Greensboro in the late 1980s, I collected the most complete set of election returns for major races in NC up to that point. Michael J. Dubin was researching the same races in Raleigh at that same time; the State Archives staff mentioned him to me, but our paths did not cross. It might have been helpful if we had met then, as he found some information that escaped me, and I found some that escaped him. I collected information for later volumes that never materialized (1868-1990), and I am in the process of posting that information on this website. The original county returns in NC often contain important notes that were ignored by the state canvass.
2) The North Carolina Electoral College: the People and the Process Behind the Vote (Raleigh NC: Office of the Secretary of State, 1988; revised version, 1992). I co-authored this book with Linda Gunter. It was written to commemorate the 50th meeting of the Electoral College in North Carolina. The book was intended to be used in high schools to explain the history and mechanics of presidential elections.
3) Ohio Elects the President (Bookmasters: 2000). Like the North Carolina book, this publication was written to be used in high schools to explain the history and mechanics of presidential elections. It was published for the 50th presidential election in Ohio.
4) I currently have an academic paper under consideration for publication that documents the first presidential primary debates, held in South Dakota in 1920.
Note: I have other publications in the fields of architectural history and religious history.






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