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2/20/2004 7:07 pm

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NGA Legacy Project Database of Governors NGA launched a user-friendly comprehensive database of all past and present U.S. governors. Called the "Governors Legacy Project," this service allows users to search for valuable information about governors. The new database encourages knowledge and understanding about the office of governor and those who have dedicated themselves to state service. The position of governor dates back to the colonial period, and now, the Governors' Legacy Project allows users to learn more about these state policymakers by searching a variety of question fields - including term of office, state of birth, military service, and other political offices held. Expected to engage a wide audience of Web browsers, NGA's Office of Communications believes this research tool will become a favorite used by schools, libraries, and political science enthusiasts across the country. "NGA hopes that everyone will be able to easily access information about the governors and learn something new from their stories of public service," said NGA Communications Director Christine LaPaille. Database entries include governors' portraits and biographies packed with fascinating facts about our nation's state executives. Still a work in progress, it is being constructed state-by-state, in alphabetical order. The database currently holds more than 800 entries and includes past governors from 17 states through Iowa.


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