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United States



Presidential Race 2016

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Libertarian Party

Green Party


Former Secy of State
Hillary R. Clinton

Donald Trump

Former Gov.
Gary Johnson

Political Activist
Jill Stein

Political Activist
Evan McMullin

US Senate Races 2016

GOP holdovers30
Safe GOP seats12
GOP seats in play12
Dem seats in play2
Safe Dem seats8
Dem holdovers34
Ind holdovers2

Governors 2016

GOP holdovers27
GOP seats in play4
Dem seats in play8
Dem holdovers10
Ind holdovers1

US House Races 2016

Safe GOP seats 208
Likely GOP seats18
Lean GOP21
Lean Dem8
Likely Dem seats12
Safe Dem seats168

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