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Just some dude constantly on the Internet. Born in Princeton, NJ, grew up and still live in East Windsor, NJ, graduated from Hightstown High School in 2008, and received a B.S. in civil engineering from Rutgers University's School of Engineering (May 2012). I'm really interested in old television especially old game shows, geography, am a "roadgeek" (including uploading road-related maps and KML files on Wikipedia), bicycling throughout Central Jersey and eastern Bucks County, PA, and extremely into politics and government. At RU, I was very involved in Hall (as in dormitory) Government and the RU Democrats since starting here. Formerly a floor/house representative in hall government, but lost in two races for Vice President of Quad 3 (one hall-wide election, and a special election among the members of the board mid-year). Was previously the Secretary of the Rutgers University Democrats for the 2010-2011 school year and was the president of the RU Dems for the 2011-2012 year. As of February 4, 2013, I not only have a job working at an engineering firm, I am the co-recording secretary of the East Windsor Democratic Club. Considering I was a secretary for a term at the RU Dems and became president the next year, maybe it will lead to higher office in my hometown! East Windsor's favorite daughter on the Mercer County Board of Freeholders, Ann Cannon, got her start as the secretary of the EWDC. Elected as the Male Member of the Mercer County Democratic Committee from East Windsor's 6th Ward on June 3, 2014 by a vote of 38 (unopposed) with no write-in votes meeting the minimum reporting threshold. Officially a registered Democrat since January 15, 2008, although I was trending it since I started high school. I would have probably thought of myself as a lot more conservative as a younger person. In 1996, I voted in my first grade class's mock election for Bob Dole (although I think it was because I heard Bill Clinton smoked, I thought it was cigarettes, but now I probably think they were talking about "smoking but not inhaling"), drew little handlebar mustaches all over my Scholastic magazine in school when John Glenn went back to space (although I didn't know he was a Senator at the time), and was against gay marriage and abortion rights until around 10th grade (but at this time, I considered myself a Catholic and was still forced to go to church every Sunday so those probably had some influence though I really only truly prayed once in my life), and said in seventh grade to someone right before we started bombing Iraq "We're finally going to get Saddam!" Despite that, I voted in my fifth grade's mock election for Al Gore because, "I wanted someone who had been in the White House before rather than some guy who just had his father's name." But by 2004, I started thinking normally and supported Kerry and since that election, pretty much only support the Dems with the exception of the extreme machine/too conservative/too Wall Street-friendly ones on my general election ballot. Around OC, I don't do much discussion except for an occasional opinion, New Jersey political insight, or Chris Christie fat joke. I generally update election night results, add and update historic races (I pretty much found a lot of old NJ races before the state put up old results on their website), and find shapefiles and KMLs when redistricting comes around. I've created the "Befuddled" icon ( image://www.ourcampaigns.com/images/emote7.gif ) in response to a crazy candidate's ramblings here and am known for creating an icon aka "a monster" in response to posts by Brandon ( http://www.ourcampaigns.com/ProgramLogDetail.html?ProgramLogID=109&WhenStart=2011-07-14+20%3A09%3A35 ) and Picimpalious (http://www.ourcampaigns.com/NewsDetail.html?NewsID=80670&WhenStart=2012-04-27+17%3A58%3A20 ). Seen in person: ·President Barack Obama ·Former Pres. Bill Clinton ·Former Gov. Jon Corzine (3 times) ·Former Gov. Dick Codey ·Sen. Bob Menendez ·the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg Many other Congressmen, county officials, state legislators, mayors, local councilmembers, and committeepersons too numerous to name. Obligatory Counties Visited Map: image://img825.imageshack.us/img825/5566/countiesvisited.png New Jersey municipalities visited: image://i.imgur.com/hwN3zFS.png NJ/PA municipalities visited by bicycle: image://i.imgur.com/es7qJgd.png Although since I'm a roadgeek, might as well post highways "clinched" too: image://cmap.m-plex.com/maps/centermap.php?u=mrmatte&sys=all&c=usa&rg=all&mv=6 image://cmap.m-plex.com/maps/centermap.php?u=mrmatte&sys=all&c=usa&rg=all&mv=3 (all as of 6/10/2014)






6/27/2012 2:05 pm


NJ Gov. Chris Christie says Mitt Romney didn’t ask him to be his VP running mate at fundraiser


1/27/2012 11:00 am

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