June 15, 2024
Petrosil Group Presents the 3rd AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil Convention in Bangkok on July 12th, 2023
Petrosil Group Presents the 3rd AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil Convention in Bangkok on July 12th, 2023Connecting the Dots of the Global Bitumen, Base Oil, Lubes and Wax Markets in the...

Connecting the Dots of the Global Bitumen, Base Oil, Lubes and Wax Markets in the Heart of Southeast Asia

BANGKOK , THAILAND , June 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Petrosil Group, a leading global player in the energy industry, is excited to announce its hosting of the 3rd AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil Convention and Exhibition in Bangkok. The event, scheduled to take place at The Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok on July 12th, 2023, promises to be a game-changer in the industry, offering participants a unique opportunity to explore new frontiers, discuss emerging trends, and foster invaluable networking connections. For more visit the AMEA Convention Website.

Petrosil Group, known for its commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaboration, is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of the bitumen and base oil sectors in the AMEA region. With a focus on exploring new horizons, the convention will gather industry experts, professionals, and key stakeholders to discuss the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities within the sector.

The convention will feature a comprehensive lineup of engaging sessions, panel discussions, and keynote speeches by renowned industry leaders. Participants can look forward to gaining insights into emerging technologies, market dynamics, and sustainable practices shaping the future of the bitumen and base oil industries.

Moreover, the event will provide a platform for delegates to explore new demand hubs, exchange ideas, and establish fruitful partnerships. Petrosil Group understands the importance of networking in fostering growth, and therefore, has designed the convention to maximize opportunities for meaningful interactions among participants. With a diverse range of networking sessions, including business matchmaking events, and informal gatherings, attendees can connect with industry peers, experts, and potential collaborators from across the globe.

The 3rd AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil Convention also offers an exhibition area where leading companies and organizations will showcase their innovative products, services, and technologies. This dedicated space will allow participants to explore the latest industry solutions, strike deals, and initiate new business relationships.

The Southeast Asia region plays a crucial role in the global bitumen and base oil markets, driving significant demand and shaping market dynamics. With its rapidly growing infrastructure and construction sectors, Southeast Asia has emerged as a key consumer of bitumen, the primary binding material used in road construction. In parallel, the base oil market in Southeast Asia is experiencing notable growth due to the expanding automotive and industrial sectors in the region. Base oil, a key component in lubricant production, finds extensive application in automotive engines, machinery, and manufacturing processes.

Join Elite Speakers, 65 Sponsors and Exhibitors and 325 Participants from 25 Countries. Petrosil Group is pleased to announce the participation of several prominent Southeast Asian companies at the convention, including:

ExxonMobil Asia Pacific
Thai Oil
TIPCO Asphalt
Garuda Korporat
K2 Bitumen
Bright Fortune, Singapore
PT. Balmer Lawrie
PT Atlas Jaya Nusantara
Meisheng Investment Development Co
Zola Asphalt
Fosxil Petroleum
KS Sea Port Co., Ltd
B.P.P. Supply Co., Ltd
Victoria International Petroleum Corp.

These esteemed companies, along with many others, will contribute to the diverse and dynamic atmosphere of the event, enriching the discussions and networking opportunities.

As a testament to its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, Petrosil Group will incorporate discussions on eco-friendly practices and technologies in the convention program. By addressing topics such as carbon footprint reduction, recycling, and alternative energy sources, the event aims to foster a greener and more sustainable future for the industry.

Petrosil Group invites all industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to join the 3rd AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil Convention in Bangkok. Be part of the transformative discussions, explore new frontiers, and network with key players in the sector. Register now at the AMEA Convention Website to secure your spot at this groundbreaking event.

Petrosil’s third bitumen and base oil event of the year after Bangkok will be held on November 22nd, 2023 in Mumbai, India. India has one of the largest and fastest growing bitumen and base oil markets in the world. India’s bitumen market is witnessing substantial growth driven by the country’s robust infrastructure development initiatives, including road construction projects and smart city initiatives. The demand for bitumen in India is expected to rise due to the government’s focus on improving transportation networks and expanding industrial corridors. Additionally, India’s base oil market is experiencing steady growth, fueled by the increasing demand for lubricants in various sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, and construction. Leading Indian Companies Including BITCOL, Agarwal Group, OfBusiness Group, Waterloo Petrochem, Zetwerk Manufacturing, Future Universal Petrochem, Ecos Daily Way, Catalyst Petrochem, Classic Group, VR Petrochem, Star Bitumen and Shiva Asphaltic are early confirmed sponsors for the AMEA India Event. For more, visit the AMEA India Website.

About Petrosil Group

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